Sometimes, goodbye is the only way.

Good things come to an end. I should add, for better things to begin. As much as I grieve on officially leaving this blog, I have to. People change; so does passion. I swear I still have separation anxiety towards this blog regardless the fact that I unofficially abandoned this a couple of years ago with the high hopes of getting back. I still feel sad, almost like finding that one perfect shoes at Saks 5th but for some weird reason they don’t have your size. That feeling of going home but still thinking about it…yeah, that awful feeling. Sigh. I met the awesomest people here, not to mention how stylish they are. They inspired me in ways I couldn’t even put into words. (To you who is reading this, thank you!) Oh, parting is indeed such sweet sorrow.

As they say, one thing’s end is another’s beginning. I am embarking to a new venture. Hence, this blog:

Why a new one? Well, to simply put: I was consumed with wanderlust. Then I met this guy (and he is amazing). We fell in love. We found out that we both have itchy feet. For that reason, we decided to see the world together. We’ve been only to a couple of places so far but it has been a blast. 
A rainy day in Shanghai.
Basking the sunset in Playa Carillo, Costa Rica.

He also chronicled our travels together in Wisdom Traveler. Please be a sweetheart and visit both our blogs. And be darling by subscribing, yes?

Don’t make me miss you all too much! See you in my new blog!


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